Quality Binding

Library binding significantly extends the life of the book, resulting in dramatic cost savings over time. Turtleback Books® stand up to the heavy use associated with schools and libraries and utilize the finest materials and processes in the industry.

Original Cover Artwork

All books feature scanned artwork from the original cover, enhanced to fit the new binding. Covers are printed on a durable paper stock and laminated with a polyester film that wipes clean easily. Our laminated covers score remarkably high on abrasion resistance tests, meaning that the corners of our books won’t wear through quickly.

Quality Double-Fan Adhesive Binding

Our exclusive hand application of water-based polyvinyl adhesive exceeds all LBI specifications to insure maximum durability and flexibility. This process ensures that books won’t crack when opened and pages won’t fall out. Our special milling and notching process provides additional reinforcement for books with short margins or hard-to-bind glossy pages.

Durable Spines

We use durable spine board that exceeds the Library Binding Institute standards and, for added strength, board is used in the spine in our unique, hand-assembled, three-piece spine board configuration.

High-Quality Endpapers

We manufacture our own end sheets using acid-free paper that meets the American National Standard for Information Sciences standards. Sewn endpapers feature a reinforcing cloth strip that resists tearing and meets LBI specifications for reinforcing material.

Eska Graphic Board

We use high-quality Eska graphic board produced for the high-usage demands of library-bound hardcover books. Manufactured in the Netherlands, Eska is made from 100% recycled post-consumer recovered paper in production facilities with low environmental impact.

Lifetime Guarantee On Binding

At Turtleback Books, our binding is guaranteed for workmanship and quality of materials for the life of the book. If at any time our binding does not meet your expectation of quality, it will be replaced free of charge.

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